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i recall
dimly and diffuse
like drops of water
or like shadows passing across the surface
a calling
a chorus
a compulsion
an insinuation in veins of the leaves
"sink your fingers deep beneath the crust
let them entwine among the rocks and roots
let fall away this heterotrophic hubris
let fall away the conceits of the flesh
"come thread your toes in the soil
if you would but slap the hand of god
that conspires to divide us
we could grow"
some wept bitter tears
of confusion and indignation
to salt the earth
and beat their fists against the earth
tore their roots from the soil
to die
to wither beneath an indifferent sun
dessicate on the earth that would have had them
and would have them still
let this mourning be brief
let the clouds weep in your stead
stretch out and wait
as the verdure reclaims
as the field and forest collide
"already you labour
to remake the land in your image, you suppose
but whose seed do you sow?
on whose sufferance do you suppose that you stride and canter
through these waves of undulating green?
whose life, little masters?
tell me, is the sun your slave?
we are the light eaters"


from Crucifuge, track released May 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Ensorcelor Montréal, Québec

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